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Why mediate?

What is Mediation and why mediate?
Mediation is a prudent and efficient method of resolving disputes, which eliminates uncertainty and lowers the cost of litigation. The most important reason to mediate is that instead of a third party whom you canot control, such as a judge or arbitrator, deciding your case, you will resolve the matter in a manner satisfactory to you. No mediator has the power to issue a decision: he or she can only help the parties reach a decision that they can both accept.

Why Mediate with Joel Grossman?
Joel Grossman has the experience, skill and temperament to resolve even the most difficult disputes. He is creative, smart, incisive and fair, and he is able to inject humor in order to ease the tension of mediation. Lawyers and their clients feel comfortable with Joel, and work with him to find ways to settle the case. Joel is one of the few mediators who both practiced law with a major firm and also served as in-house counsel. He has been settling cases throughout his career on behalf of clients, and he brings his strong settlement skills to help parties work toward a resolution. To learn more about Joel, click here. For a list of references click here.

Areas of Specialization
While Joel has mediated a wide variety of cases, from defective automobile design claims to landlord-tenant disputes, based on his twenty-five years of practice, he has two areas of primary emphasis:employment disputes, including sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour (including class actions) and and entertainment-related disputes, and entertainment disputes, including copyright infringement, profit participation cases, idea submission claims and credit disputes.

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